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3-4 SEPTEMBER 2021

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Championships in ConXion Tour of Flandres

Jobfixers Belgian Rally Championship

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The ConXioN Tour of Flanders is planned on the calendar as seventh of nine contests. In this exciting championship in Roeselare we have awarded a champion several times on our final stage. Whoever wants to add the Tour to his list of achievements must be cut from the right wood, deep canals along the road penalize every mistake.

Criterium Championship

Logo CRITERIUM Omloop van Vlaanderen

Our race is programmed as the fifth of six races. This championship allows regional drivers with a modest budget to taste a national competition. Up to a 100km against the clock and four wheel driven cars are out of the question.

PIRELLI Junior Belgian Rally Championship 2019

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Tour European Rally series

TER Logo  Omloop van Vlaanderen

For the first time this year, the ConXioN Tour of Flanders will count towards this wonderful European championship. Six matches through Europe where Roeselare has become the fourth stop. The TER guarantees some beautiful R5 cars and offers juniors in R2 the chance to discover challenging races throughout Europe.

Tour European Rally Historic series

Logo Historic TER Omloop van Vlaanderen

The Historic rally section of the ConXioN Tour of Flanders has always been very highly regarded by the owners of the old timers. This year a number of European top cars will also be added thanks to the TERH championship. As the fourth match on the calendar, there are 2 more runs following after Roeselare.

Twinoil Open Dutch Rally Championship

Logo NRSK Omloop van Vlaanderen

The Dutch Rally Championship. this year counts seven matches with two foreign trips. In the Tour, the fastest Dutch contestants will use with their R5 cars to compete with our best Belgian drivers. On the fast, slippery roads, the Dutch might have a small disadvantage, but our show trial Zoning should be right up their ally.

HRCR Mini Sport cup stage rally championship

Logo HRCR Mini Sport cup stage rally Omloop van Vlaanderen

This British championship is only open to Historic Mini's. Eight chances to get points over seven matches. Our race counts as a double moto. So doubly important for the participating teams. Like the ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen, the legendary Mini celebrates its 60th birthday.

Stage Masters Historic stage rally challenge

Logo STAGEMASTER Omloop van Vlaanderen

A mixed championship that counts eleven races on both clay and asphalt. Tour of Flanders is the ninth on the calendar. A large coordinated championship where all types of Historic cars from Great Britain participate. The six best results count and there are now just six asphalt races ... Specialists on these grounds already know which match they will add to the calendar in early September.


Logo MCUP Omloop van Vlaanderen

Six times we can enjoy these spectacular BMW's with a mix of Belgian and Dutch matches who have their own attractive championship. As the only race over two days, the Tour, which is fifth on the program, may be decisive for the championship. The fastest BMWs are certainly competing for the top ten places in the overall final result of our race..

Porsche Event

Logo Porsche Cup Omloop van Vlaanderen

Just like in 2018, we will make extra efforts to have as many Porsches as possible to start our competition. There is a separate Cup for this which we organize. Both the modern and historic versions of this German car can participate. We try to give these cars as much as possible a consecutive race number and place them on the service zone. Because the roar of a Porsche remains something special ...

Sanicentrum E Rally

Logo E-RALLY Omloop van Vlaanderen

Two years ago this ecological version of the ConXion Tour of Flanders saw the light of day for the first time. This year there are ten regularity runs on the program. Not the fastest will be crowned here as the winner, but the one that can hold the best average. We decisively want more cars during this third edition where we give priority to the full electric cars.