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6–7 september 2024

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63rd A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen continues to innovate

63rd A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen continues to innovate

The race is getting more compact, brand-new stage on Friday

A shakedown, a compact race night on Friday and a full race day on Saturday. For a lot of teams and participants, this concept makes the A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen a race that should be on the calendar. This year, the experience is going to be even more intense. Indeed, the shakedown moves from Wednesday to Thursday. This makes the race more compact, which will without doubt be appreciated by the teams.

The 63rd Omloop van Vlaanderen will officially kick off on Thursday 31/8. The roadbook can be picked up in the morning and the whole day can be spent on recce. Testing, open for invited teams, can be done from 1pm to 5pm. The shakedown, open to all teams, will take place from 6pm to 10pm. Of course, the cosy Slyps will remain the beating heart of our shakedown.

Recce can also be done on Friday from 8.30am to 3pm. During this time, the team can also complete administrative control and scrutineering. Five stages are scheduled on Friday evening. As indicated earlier, the course will undergo a lot ofchanges. We can already reveal that a completely new stage, KP Zwevezele, will be on the program on Friday. This new stage will be run twice, one of which will be in the dark.
The focus of the 63rd A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen is on Saturday with another 15 stages on the program. More info on the satges and timing will follow later.

Clio Trophy Netherlands confirms international character

The 63rd A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen welcomes this year the Clio Rally Trophy Netherlands. With the arrival of this competition in Roeselare, the international character of our competition is once again emphasized. It is with the support of our gold partner Transport De Duytsche that the cooperation came about.

“There is a lot of interest in the Clio Rally Trophy,” says organizer Jim van den Heuvel. “We have already received many applications. A lot of drivers from last year also want to continue. As it stands, we expect some 12 to 15 riders to start. To give the drivers of last year an extra challenge, we have been looking for foreign races. Races that we find attractive ourselves. From the A&D Omloop van Vlaanderen we also immediately got positive reactions.”

With the arrival of the Dutch Clio’s, Belgian Clio drivers will have the chance to compete with their Dutch counterparts. It gave our structural partner Werkkledij Comtex Roeselare the idea of launching a competition with the full or partial entry fees as a prize. Interested drivers can request more info from Comtex Rallysport.