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6–7 september 2024

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Full of hope, KAMV reveals the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen program

Full of hope, KAMV reveals the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen program

Despite the uncertain times in the Covid-19 era, KAMV remains fully committed to the preparation of the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen, which is planned from 2 to 5 September.

There has been a high level of cooperation with the various local authorities and police services, which has allowed the organisers to plan a challenging course, which will undergo some changes compared to last year.

Houthulst: a 13 km long stage, completely redesigned

After 2019’s success, the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen will start with a shakedown in Slyps (Moorslede) on Wednesday 2 September from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The course will be maintained and Slyps village will be back for a day as the beating heart of the festivities. The R5 teams are given the opportunity to organise an advance test on the same roads. This 5.2 kilometre stage will be reserved for a limited number of teams to ensure participating teams can complete sufficient runs from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Identical safety measures are also taken for the test drive as for the shakedown. After all, safety comes first.

The real competition starts on Friday September 4 with five special stages. Christof Seynaeve, responsible for the course, reveals some details: "This is also the biggest change in our race. We start with the De Ruiter stage, followed by a completely redesigned Houthulst stage. This test, which is popular with the crews, will be a little over 13 kilometres long and will be a great challenge in the dark to drive."

A unique concept in Belgium

He continues with the announcement of an innovation: "These tests will be held twice. In between we will provide the classic Zoning stage and a 'Tyre fitting zone' and 'Light fitting zone'. In these 'Tyre & Light fitting zones' the participants with the help of a mechanic from the team must change the tyres themselves and mount the spotlights on the rally car. A unique concept in Belgium."

The program of Saturday 5/9 includes three identical loops of five special stages: Zilverberg, Rumbeke, Passendale, Beveren and Zoning. Regroups are again planned in Passendale, at the Canadian Monument, and in the centre of Roeselare at the station car park.

"The first two tests will remain unchanged from 2019," specifies Christof Seynaeve. "Passendale will again be the longest test with just under 26 kilometres! Beveren, with the Lust Arena, is scheduled for this year on Saturday. Zoning has also been changed and is becoming a bit more technical with new roads on the former DAF site. The free public zone at the large roundabout will be retained. From there, spectators can watch the spectacle at Zoning, take a view on the podium and enjoy the catering available."

Participants in the TER and BRC championships will compete on 20 special stages and 222 km against the clock. Criterium riders will compete on two full loops on Saturday with 118 timed kilometres on the schedule. Finally, we have the brand new Rock N Roll Classics Regularity. Participants will be presented with two RTs on Friday and two full loops with a total of 10 RTs on Saturday.

As it stands, the ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen would only be the second round of the JobFIXers Belgian Rally Championship, where the sanctioning body, RACB confirmed that the competition goes on in 2020, eventually with a reduced schedule.

"We hope that the Covid-19 measures in September allow us to welcome you in Roeselare to live the experience of our beloved rally sport in 2020," concludes KAMV.

Full of hope, KAMV reveals the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen program Full of hope, KAMV reveals the 61st ConXioN Omloop van Vlaanderen program